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Research, Development and Innovation

Main Research and Development fields:

  • Optical Telecom (Optical Fibers, systems, FTTx, new technologies);

  • Biophotonic( lasers in medical sciences / biology, photodynamics, etc);

  • Silicon Photonic( new lasers tecnologies, waveguides, resonators, new material based on Silicon);

  • Photometry / Ilumination (LED, displays, oLED).


The Photonic Innovation Institute has a technical team consisting of analysts, teachers, doctors and external consultants, besides a close partnership with others ICTs and sector companies.



The scarceness of qualified professionals in the areas of Technological Development, Engineering Photonics, Optoelectronic, Fiber Optics and Optical Communications has been one of the major bottleneck for the national evolution of the optical communications. This bottleneck is even more restrictive when it takes into account that education focuses on theoretical knowledge, leaving on the second plan the practical application of them.


Specialized training and certifications in photonics
The best labs for testing and calibration to certificate your product

Certification and Calibration

The Photonics Innovation Institute disposes of testing and calibration laboratories for certification and product development, which are available to the national and international technological society.
The calibration and certification services of iTech follow national and international standards of quality in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025.
The laboratory counts on a team of professionals with high technical capacity and laboratory infrastructure capable of providing high quality service.
All collaborators have the knowledge of the secret nature of the work, which is also formalized by confidentiality agreements. Thus, the iTech seeks to ensure intellectual property rights and the correct confidential treatment to the rendered services.

Hard & Soft

Certification of Optical Communication Products

The iTech's Laboratory of Calibration and Certification performs product certification services / telecommunications equipment.
The laboratory's focus are assays on equipment for optical networks and on passive optical devices.
Performed Assays:

  • Trials for certification along ANATEL of optical networking equipments that use technologies PDH, SDH, GPON and WDM.

  • Trials for certification along Anatel of passive optical devices such as connectors and optical couplers.

  • Advisement for businesses that require suit their products to the Brazilian legislation.

  • Homologation of products for telecom operators.

  • Performance tests.

Improve the performance of your PON with our assays
Tech Dev
Count on us to be your best technology partner

Technological Entrepreneurship

  • Licensing of technologies to enterprises.

  • Constitution of corporate spin-offs, that is high-tech companies generated from the technological innovations developed by the Institute.

  • Promotion of technologies, products and services developed in iTech along capital investors, investment banks, strategic partners and production sector in Brazil and abroad.

  • Conduction of action to increase the competitiveness of Brazilian photonics products and services abroad.

  • Encouragement to the formation of export consortium of photonics technology products and services.

The New Technological Paradigm

At the end of the XVII century, Mechanics was the Innovation. Two hundred years later, the Electronics was the Innovation. And in 1960, the Photonics is presented to the world as a new paradigm, complementing and subverting the previous models, making it the essential Innovation for sustainable development of the centuries to follow.​

In this context, the iTech, Photonics Innovation Institute, acts. It brings to the real world, with practical actions, the true meaning of the word Innovation.​

Based on the Development of Technological Innovations in Professional Training, and Certification and Calibration of Products and Equipment, the iTech innovates as it offers to the market a combination of feasible ways that contributes to the country's economic growth.


Isaac Newton
Enlightening the Brazilian Future
Bardeen, Shockley e Brattain
Charles Hard Townes & Theodore Maiman  [Photonics]
- Theodore H. Maiman, Laser Inventor
“It's fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”  
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